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di | 7 Febbraio 2018

he dissertation is a type of research done by the students at school and college level. The way of preparing dissertation can be same but the distinction lies in respect of the level at which it is prepared. This research is practiced by the students at the post graduation level and during PhD also. The work is to select a topic and doing research on it by adopting the sampling method and doing the field study. The topic is further refined, so that after doing the field study, we can arrive at an appropriate conclusion. After the field work is completed, the next step is to give a final touch to the topic by proof reading and after this; it is drafted in the format as prescribed.
The dissertation should be made effective and impressive and the goal of conducting the research should be clearly defined so that the quality can be maintained. The points should be made clear in the way that no vagueness can be observed in the material and above all, the methods adopted for the research should be authentic so that the work is perfect and prompt. The topic for the data can be retrieved from the books, journals and through net surfing, but it should be effective. The topic should be made more comprehended through systematic literature review. Analyze the results and find if there lays any flaws, then it should be immediately rectified and at last, a proper conclusion should be enclosed.
The dissertation requires that the topic should be described in a perfect manner and by following these sequential steps, one can frame up a good report. The steps include first of all, the problem should be clearly defined as because if the problem is not clear we cannot move further. After defining the problem, one requires to search for the solutions or the sources to arrive at an answer. The process can be done by carrying out a sampling design and also to carry out the scaling techniques. The next step is to collect the sources through which the data is collected, either primary or secondary sources. The next step is to analyze the sources and to do interpretation and finally draft a report.
The major aspects associated with dissertation are discussed, such as the concept of dissertation and the process of carrying out and drafting a good report. But sometimes the report can be found as not up to the mark as the report contains some major flaws. This happens due to the wrong identification of the research problem and it further leads to the wrong interpretation and provides a bad shape to the report and makes the whole report hazy and unclear. It is a quite difficult process which needs time so you can write your papers with some extra writing help. Remember that your future is in your hands!

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